Kapak Electronic Drying box with UVC

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Kapak electronic dry box with UVC light sterilizing. Hearing aids.
Kapak electronic dry box. Hearing systems

This Kapak dry box incorporates both a drying and sterilizing cycle.
A shaker function and audible tone indicate when the dry box is turned on or off.
The shaker function is particularly helpful for people with impaired vision.

The unit is powered by a 5V DC mini USB power pack which can be used with power outlets of 110-240VAC ~ 50/60Hz.
5 blue LED`s are visible when the drying cycle is started. These switch of 1 by 1 every 36 minutes to indicate the drying cycle status.
Drying is achieved using convection air at a gentle 55degC over a 3 hour drying cycle.
Sterilizing is through the use of UVC light which eliminate as much as 99.9% of bacteria.
The sterilizing process helps to reduce the possibility of ear infection caused through bacterial build up on ear moulds / ear tips etc.

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