Mini Tech+ personal listener

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The Echo Minitech+ is a portable personal listener which can be used with either a headset or neck loop and gives excellent amplification in meetings, out and about or television listening at home.
Sound is picked up by a microphone that is connected to the amplifier.
MiniTech+ utilizes a digital volume control that allows a wide range of volume to be easily, quickly and accurately adjusted. The yellow volume control buttons are easy to use. The addition of active tone control allows excellent adjustability of bass and treble providing superb sound quality.
Echo MiniTech+ can be used with a digital quality under chin headset, stereo headphones or if used with a hearing aid, a high powered neck loop that transmits the sound to the hearing aid when switched to the T setting. The set contains both headset and neck loop.

Supurb sound quality.
Active tone control allows excellent adjustability of bass and treble.
Dual purpose LED to indicate ON/OFF and battery status.
Batteries included.
Optional audio lead to connect directly to the television.

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