A skin-care product by Humantechnik

Active agents from traditional Chinese medicine to help the skin of hearing-aid wearers

ginkgoCare is a modern cosmetic product with active plant ingredients derived from Ginkgo Biloba, a substance which has been proven to provide care and effective protection for sensitive stressed skin, especially in the area around the ear. It also helps people who wear glasses to reduce pressure points. ginkgoCare is free from colourants or perfumes.

No other plant in the world contains the same valuable ingredients as the Ginkgo Biloba. Folk medicine in the Far East has availed of its effects for centuries.

ginkgoCare soothes your skin where it is in contact with the hearing aid, alleviates the feeling of having a foreign object in your ear and prevents annoying itchiness. Anyone who uses ginkgoCare will soon notice that ginkgoCare also makes it much easier to insert and remove fitted ear-pieces.

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