jamHD in-the-ear hearing systems by HANSATON.

Intelligent technology – individual and practically invisible.

HANSATON now delivers what many people have been wanting for a long time: made-to-measure hearing systems that provide optimum individual support. Our production facilities draw upon five decades of experience to create tiny works of audiological art: innovative technology hidden in practically invisible in-the-ear designs. HANSATON's new hearing systems can help you not just hear better, but enjoy a better life in many respects.

jamHD in-the-ear hearing systems.

  • New ergonomic surface and controls.
  • The plasma-coated surface protects the system from external influences, such as dirt and moisture.
  • Button, integrated telephone coil and optional wireless functions.

At a glance.

  • Speech Beam+: 360° of clear speech
  • AutoSurroundHD: Optimal sound and clear speech in any situation
  • SurroundOptimizerHD: Optimizes speech clarity and hearing comfort
  • Acclimatization Manager: Makes adjustment comfortable
  • BiLink: Intelligent binaural synchronization
  • BiPhone: Hear telephone conversations in stereo, using both hearing systems
  • Frequency compression: Converts signals from inaudible to audible range
  • Direct sound management: Maintains sound quality reliably with open fittings
  • Tinnitus care: Integrated tinnitus function ensures optimum care for tinnitus patients

Maximum technology and discretion.

HANSATON's jamHD in-the-ear hearing systems are distinguished by their pleasant feel and harmonious appearance. With their soft shapes and contours, jamHD systems satisfy sophisticated standards in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. What else makes them special? Their specially designed plasma-coated surfaces make jamHD in-the-ear hearing solutions less susceptible to external influences, so they are particularly robust as well as easy to clean. Haptically optimized controls make the hearing systems especially easy to operate.

Individual designs – tailored to fit your ear precisely.

Fits perfectly into the ear: Soft shapes and state-of-the-art design ensure maximum comfort. The latest generation of in-ear hearing systems by HANSATON: custom-made and perfectly adjusted to your needs. So powerful, so individual ... and practically invisible. Handmade in Hamburg; handmade in Germany.

As these ITE hearing aids need to be matched and fitted to an individual's requirements, we do not sell hearing aids directly online.
Please contact us at customhearing@xtra.co.nz, call us on 0508 426728 to enquire about these products,
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