HD Technology


HANSATON technology in HD

The hearing experience, defined at the highest level

High-resolution sensors and top-class signal processing: at last, High Definition technology for the ears. The first family of products to appear with this advanced technology is sound. Its complex easeHDchip technology provides intelligent, energy-efficient signal processing, which works in combination with high-performance algorithms to create a first-class binaural hearing experience. Pure clarity. One of easeHD's most exciting features is the improved SurroundSupervisor classifier, which uses over 30 sensors to identify acoustic environments more precisely than ever before. The AutoSurroundHD program then selects the optimum hearing system settings for that environment—completely automatically. In short: HANSATON's new HD technology allows a uniquely precise hearing experience of unmatched quality.

Maximum efficiency.

Innovative signal processing ensures maximum, long-lasting streaming quality with lower power consumption.

High-performance algorithms.

Thanks to efficient algorithms in combination with maximum processing power, speech is clearer than ever.

High-resolution sensors.

With more than 30 sensors, the improved SurroundSupervisor classifier ensures optimum spatial acoustics.

Maximum comfort.

AutoSurroundHD's continuously variable automatic program uses a wide variety of parameters to select the perfect settings for any situation.

SurroundSupervisor -Top-quality spatial acoustics optimization.

The SurroundSupervisor acts as an interface between the hearing system and the environment, ensuring perfectly optimized spatial acoustics. The program integrates perfectly into the hearing system wearer's everyday activities by analyzing and identifying the environment. More than 30 high-resolution sensors make the results more precise than ever before: the SurroundSupervisor analyzes the current surroundings and determines the correct proportions of each of seven possible standard situations: four speech situations, two more situations without speech, and music. It passes this percentage distribution onward to the signal processing block so that it can serve as an input variable for AutoSurroundHD.


Continuously variable and automatic—for the perfect acoustic mix. As a core function, AutoSurroundHD is one of the keys to the new ease of hearing. The integrated primary SpeechBeam+ and SurroundOptimizerHD functions are in a constant state of intelligent exchange, thus ensuring top-quality binaural signal processing. Regardless of what situation the hearing system wearer is in, AutoSurroundHD identifies the circumstances and automatically adjusts hearing system settings. The percentages specified by SurroundSupervisor help decide how the hearing system is ultimately set. Best of all, fixed programs are a thing of the past.

AutoSurroundHD uses previously identified individual parameter settings to create the perfect acoustic mix. The result is a completely natural sense of hearing—in 360 degrees. Nothing can stand in the way of active hearing experiences in any situation.